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ElsyDance Releases “ElsyDance, And…” as Broadcast September 21 on MNN Thumbnail

The September 21, 2012 broadcast of "ElsyDance, And..." on Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN) featured: Solari rehearsal; EducArt with Tiffanie Matela; Staten Island Children's Museum; Elsy Dance Technique Exhibition at Castillo de Chapultapec, Mexico City, Mexico; Sacramental Dances (Retrato, Divine Rose, and Romance); and Solo de Amor.


ElsyDance Releases “Elements / Creation of Man”

ElsyDance Releases “Elements / Creation of Man” Thumbnail

The dance chronicles the creation of the planets, with the four elements of life: fire, wind, water, and earth. It shows a planet of fire, cooled by the wind, brought to life by water. These elements combine to form man, who works with them in harmony, and plays with each one. Please see the Elements [...]


ElsyDance Releases “Wind Woman, Sand Woman, Free Woman”

ElsyDance Releases “Wind Woman, Sand Woman, Free Woman” Thumbnail

"Wind Woman, Sand Woman, Free Woman" was originally loaded on YouTube in two parts, because YouTube at the time had a 10-minute limit. The dance today has been re-uploaded as a complete single video. The original two parts each had over 4,800 and 5,200 views. This dance describes a woman who is non-manipulative, has strong [...]


ElsyDance Releases “Temperament”

ElsyDance Releases “Temperament” Thumbnail

Temperament represents the union of the indigenous and Spanish worlds, brought by Spanish temperament. Certain behavior results in inter-marriage. We cannot avoid that. It is also part of us. They are plastic forms of bodies and fine lines and shapes. It is the use of energy in suspension. Temperament is scored to "Carmen" by Georges [...]


ElsyDance Releases Two Color-Inverted Theater Dances

ElsyDance Releases Two Color-Inverted Theater Dances Thumbnail

When a dance is video recorded in a dark theater, the movements are often difficult to see. Color inversion resolves the problem to some extent by changing blacks to whites and other darker colors to lighter ones. This helps highlight the movement of the dancers, but also produces an unusual effect similar to a drawing [...]


ElsyDance Re-Releases Transmutation Broadcast Version

ElsyDance Re-Releases Transmutation Broadcast Version Thumbnail

This version of Transmutation is an excerpt of what was broadcast on Noche a Noche, which Televisa hosted in Mexico City, Mexico. Transmutation or Scientists and Danger is a dance theater play similar to the story of Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde, but is not the same exact story. Transmutation was done by actor Carlos Duarte and Elsy Contreras.

ElsyDance Releases “Drums” Teatro de la Danza Performance Thumbnail

This version of "Drums" was performed live in the Teatro de la Danza of Mexico City. It also aired on Televisa's Noche a Noche. This dance recreates a ceremony in which a young girl passes from childhood to adolescence — a very important step in the rite of passage to womanhood. It consists of three [...]


Elsy Dance Releases “Moments”

Elsy Dance Releases “Moments” Thumbnail

Elsy Dance has released a video of Moments, which is occasionally aired on Elsy Dance, And.... Moments represents the idle time when an artist has no way to express his or her creative abilities. This lapse of time is akin to a person not eating or breathing. Moments represents the repression of the artist, particularly [...]


Elsy Dance And…September 14, 2012

Elsy Dance And…September 14, 2012 Thumbnail

Watch the September 14, 2012 episode of Elsy Dance, And... as aired on MNN. This episode features: Ballet Class with Vladimir Dokoudovsky; three dances from El Centro NYC; video from the Argentinian Embassy on Art and Culture in Argentina; Alfonso Avila Dances; and Solo de Amor.


New ElsyDance Site

ElsyDance is being re-configured as a WordPress site. Please stay tuned as the site is rebuilt in the new format. ElsyDance, And... Fridays at 4:30 PM Eastern. Please click link to see live stream. MNN Channel 56 Live Stream Summer Ballet Courses Elsy is Offering Summer Ballet courses starting July 18 for beginners through professional [...]