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About Elsy



CREDITS: Elsy Contreras
& Company

Director, Dancer, and Choreographer

Television Appearances in Mexico City and
New York City

  • ElsyDance And… – Manhattan Neighborhood Network channel 56 (Time Warner), channel 83 (RCN) and web stream Fridays at 4:30 PM.
  • “Conversation
    with Jimmy Fortson,” — Mexico Channel 11; 1987, featuring an interview,
    hosted by Jimmy Fortson with Elsy Contreras, Nuclear Dance, Narciso
    , and Huapango.
  • “En Vivo” (“Live”)
    — Mexico Channel 2; 1984, featuring an interview, hosted by Ricardo
    Rocha with Elsy Contreras, La Fortuna and Nuclear
  • “6 en Punto” (“6
    O’Clock”) — Mexico Channel 5; 1983, featuring Huapango
    and Drums.
  • “River-to-River,”
    42nd Street, New York City Festival — HBO; 1985, featuring Huapango
    and Nuclear Dance.
  • “Mexico en la
    Cultura” (“Mexico and Culture”) — Mexico Channel 9; 1985, featuring
    Obsidian Butterfly, by Octavio Paz at the Museo Tamayo,
    choreography by Elsy Contreras and Brian Nissen.
  • “Mexico en la
    Cultura” (“Mexico and Culture”) — Mexico Channel 2; 1984, featuring
    Henry Moore at the Museum of Modern Art, choreography
    by Elsy Contreras.
  • “24 Horas” (“24
    Hours”) — Mexico Channel 2; 1983, featuring interview, hosted by Jacoba
    Zabludovsky with Elsy Contreras and Drums.
  • “Noche a Noche”
    (“Night to Night”) — Mexico Channel 9; 1987, featuring Solo de
    , La Fortuna, and Transmutation Dance
    . Also, in 1982, featuring interview, hosted by Felix
    Cortes Camarillo with Elsy Contreras, Drums; Wind Woman, Sand
    Woman, Free Woman
    ; and Jazz Birds.
  • “Lo Mejor de las
    Artes” (“The Best of the Arts”) — Mexico Channel 11: three 60-minute
    specials; In 1985, featuring interview with Elsy Contreras, Elements,
    and Portrait. In 1983, featuring Drums,
    Nuclear Dance, Narciso Dead; Wind Woman, Sand Woman, Free Woman
    and Moments.
  • “Mi Danza” (“My
    Dance”) — Mexico Channel 11, In 1981, 60 Minutes, Written and hosted by Elsy Contreras, featuring
    Drums, Romance, Nuclear Dance, and Wind Woman,
    Sand Woman, Free Woman

Stage Performances

  • St. George Theater 2004, Snowflake, Nutcracker.
  • Staten Island Stadium 2003, AmoreDanz, Mrs. Rosemary’s Dance Studios.
  • Snug Harbor Cultural
    Center Harmony Street Fair 2001, Staten Island, NY.
  • LOTUS Arts
    Center, New York, NY, July 2001, Nuclear Dance
  • WestBeth
    Art Gallery
    , New York, NY
  • Merce Cunningham
    , New York, NY
  • Gowanus
    Arts Exchange
    , New York, NY
  • United Nations
    40th and 50th Anniversary Celebrations
    at Dag Hammarskjold Auditorium;
    1985 and 1995, New York, NY
  • Off Broadway
    “Festival Latino ’85”
    ; 1985, New York, NY
  • Elsy Contreras
    Dance Company
    conducted performances in Mexico, at theaters;
    museums; Universities, High Schools and Elementary Schools auditoriums;
    outdoor exhibits; cultural fairs; and tours.

Ballet of Mexico
, Founding Member, Dancer and Soloist

  • Command Performance
    for Queen Juliana and Royal Family of The Netherlands.
  • Toured with company
    to Central and South America, the United States, and Europe.

Moshe Kedem’s Ballet,
Mexico City
, Principal Soloist

Official Dance
Company of Mexico, sponsored by the National Institute of Fine Arts, Mexico
, Dancer

Ballet Tlachitl
, Director, Dancer, and Choreographer

The New Guardia
directed by Alicia Alonso, Choreographer

Ballet Concierto
of Mexico
, Dancer

Sutrana Dance Theatre,
New York City, Principal Soloist

National Company
of Dance, Mexico City, Rehearsal Assistant

Elsy Contreras
choreographed for TV commercials and plays, working with freelance dancers.

Department of the
Federal District of Mexico

  • Coordinator of
    , Houses of Culture
  • Conducted conferences,
    demonstrations and lectures at elementary schools, high schools, and
    professional schools.
  • Cultural TV, Art and Dance Programs.
  • Founder and Dance Teacher,
    26 Clinton Ave. Studio, Staten Island, NY.
  • Founder and Dance Teacher,
    Academy of Dance, St. Mary’s of the Assumption Parish, Staten Island, NY.
  • Classic Ballet Dance Teacher,
    Mrs. Rosemary’s Dance Studios, Staten Island, NY.
  • “EducArt Contreras System Workshop,”
    Staten Island Childrens’s Museum, Staten Island, NY
  • Master Classes, Moving in Time Dance Studio, Staten Island, NY.
  • “EducArt Contreras System Workshop,” for “Teen Night,” YMCA,
    Staten Island, NY.
  • Jurist,
    Fifth and Sixth Folk Dance Festivals, Organization Tepeyac, New York, NY.
  • Dance Teacher,
    Ballet Tepeyac, New York, NY
  • Dance Teacher,
    Times Circle Rehearsal Studio, New York, NY
  • Kindergarten
    , Mexico City School System under the Secretary of Public
  • Classic
    Ballet and Modern Dance
    : Mexican Institute of Social Security.
  • Contemporary
    : Ballet Folklorico de Mexico.
  • Dance for
    : University Theater Center at the National Autonomous
    University of Mexico.
  • Graham Technique:
    Academy of Dance at the National Institute of Fine Arts in Mexico City.
  • Classic
    Ballet, Graham Technique, and Contreras Style: School of Dance
    of the Department of the Federal District of Mexico City.
Professional training under: Simon Dow, Nancy Bielski, and David Howard,
STEPS and Broadway Dance Center; Diane Cartier, American Ballet Theatre.
EDUCATION: Professional
, Academy of Dance, National Institute of Fine Arts, Mexico

Kindergarten Teacher
, National School of Educators, Mexico City

Awarded scholarship
granted by the National Institute of Fine Arts and Jose Limon to study
at the New London, Connecticut School of Dance.

Specialist in: Martha
Graham Technique, Cuban Classical Methodolgy.

Courses: Alvin Ailey, Jazz with Luigi, New York Conservatory
of Dance, Joffrey Ballet School.


Letters of Reference


Vladimir Dokouvsky


Anna Sokolow