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Moments, Original Theater Version

Moments, Color-Inverted Theater Version

When a dance is video recorded in a dark theater, the movements are often difficult to see. Color inversion resolves the problem to some extent by changing blacks to whites and other darker colors to lighter ones. This helps highlight the movement of the dancers, but also produces an unusual effect similar to a drawing or a cartoon.

Moments Photos

Moments, Synopsis

Moments represents the idle time when an artist has no way to express his or her creative abilities. This lapse of time is akin to a person not eating or breathing. Moments represents the repression of the artist, particularly the choreographer.

While a painter or sculptor can go to a store to purchase supplies, the choreographer depends on human beings to create his or her art. These bodies must be able to express emotion through a special style of movement and projection. Without human beings and human emotion, the choreographer is left in the vacuum of idle Moments.

When the choreographer finds dancers, light and joy abound. The artist is once again able to create and express the creation.

Part of Moments is composed to Leon Boellmann’s cello music, played by Tourtollier, reflecting the depths of the soul projected in the movements of the dancer. The dance was choreographed originally without music, for none could be found.