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Nuclear Dance


Nuclear Dance Re-Mastered with Picasso’s Guernica

Nuclear Dance Original Broadcast
Part I

Nuclear Dance Original Broadcast
Part II

Nuclear Poem for
Nuclear Dance

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This dance was inspired by Picasso’s painting Guernica, Olavarrieta’s Nuclear Poem, and Julian Carrillo’s Sonido Trece. Both the painting and the poem are protests against war and nuclear weapons. This dance shows the beautiful forms of the human being and their impotence against a nuclear war.

The bodies of the dancers make forms of this world in suspension and unstable from the explosion of nuclear bombs. It represents the anguish of the people and the destruction nuclear weapons cause.

The dance represents the hopeless and futile nature of nuclear war.


Photographs were taken at the "River-to-River" Dance Festival in front of Ford Foundation Headquarters.


Elsy Contreras

Julian Carrillo

L. M. Olavarrieta

Dancers – NY River-to-River:
Ballet Hispanico of NY

Dancers – Noche a Noche:

Elsy Contreras

Patricia Aguilar
Sylvia Angelica
Leticia Cosio

*Dancers solely trained with Elsy Contreras

Original Production:
Noche a Noche,
Mexico City, MX