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Drums, Teatro de la Danza Performance

Drums, Color Inverted Teatro de la Danza Performance

When a dance is video recorded in a dark theater, the movements are often difficult to see. Color inversion resolves the problem to some extent by changing blacks to whites and other darker colors to lighter ones. This helps highlight the movement of the dancers, but also produces an unusual effect similar to a drawing or a cartoon.

Drums, Noche a Noche Broadcast, Part I

Drums, Noche a Noche Broadcast, Part II

Drums, Los Mejor de Las Artes Broadcast, Part III

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This dance recreates a ceremony in which a young girl passes from childhood to adolescence — a very important step in the rite of passage to womanhood. It consists of three movements: initiation, rites, and games.

Drums is composed using three bodies in one. The dance is based upon the Graham Technique, however, it is developed and finished using my own dinstinct style. It reflects a fresh environment and leaves the audience with a joyful feeling.