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Transmutation as Broadcast on Noche a Noche, Televisa, Mexico City Mexico

This is an excerpt of Transmutation as it was broadcast on Mexico City’s Noche a Noche show.

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Transmutation or Scientists and Danger is a dance theater play similar to the story of Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde, but is not the same exact story. Transmutation was done by actor Carlos Duarte and Elsy Contreras. Though Carlos Duarte was not a dancer, he was skilled at movement for actors. Transmutation is more psychological, showing how people behave in their relationships. It depicts two geologists working in harmony, studying together, on an expedition. They discovered something strange in a volcanic area – it was not a stone, but looked like a stone. It was both colored and colorless, and changed colors. It was neither a solid nor a liquid. They decided to experiment with the substance by drinking it, for there was no other way to test it.

Their behaviors radically changed as they persecuted themselves and blocked each other’s work. The duo alternated between victim and persecutor. Every time they re-approached the substance, the duo changed behaviors again. You never knew what you could transform into in the presence of the substance.