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ElsyDance Releases “Nuclear Dance” Re-Mastered with Picasso’s Guernica


ElsyDance tonight has released Nuclear Dance which was re-mastered with Picasso’s Guernica, which was one of the inspirations for the dance. Like the original, this dance shows the beautiful forms of the human being and their impotence against a nuclear war The bodies of the dancers make forms of this world in suspension and unstable from the explosion of nuclear bombs. It represents the anguish of the people and the destruction nuclear weapons cause. The dance represents the hopeless and futile nature of nuclear war.

The dance aired yesterday on ElsyDance, And… on Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN). Please see the Nuclear Dance choreography page for more details.

Nuclear Dance Re-Mastered with Picasso’s Guernica

I have dedicated my entire life to dance, have studied under and interpreted the various styles and techniques of a wide assortment of teachers and choreographers. I created my own unique style, emphasizing new sensations and movements. The Mexican press praised my dance as having the greatest quality.

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