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ElsyDance Releases “Wind Woman, Sand Woman, Free Woman”


“Wind Woman, Sand Woman, Free Woman” was originally loaded on YouTube in two parts, because YouTube at the time had a 10-minute limit. The dance today has been re-uploaded as a complete single video. The original two parts each had over 4,800 and 5,200 views.

This dance describes a woman who is non-manipulative, has strong self-esteem, balance, and intelligence. She helps other women bring out these qualities and achieve their full potentials. The dance explores all of a woman’s possibilities while keeping her own personality. Please see the “Wind Woman, Sand Woman, Free Woman,” choreography page for more details.

I have dedicated my entire life to dance, have studied under and interpreted the various styles and techniques of a wide assortment of teachers and choreographers. I created my own unique style, emphasizing new sensations and movements. The Mexican press praised my dance as having the greatest quality.

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